First episodes broadcast in Tulsa from Jul 22, 2017 to Aug 4, 2017.

Other cities: New York City
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The following are listings for the first episodes of TV shows broadcast in Tulsa for Jul 22, 2017 to Aug 4, 2017.

Show Day Date Time Channel Station Episode number Episode name | Guest Stars

Modern Family Sat. 7-29-2017 6:00 PM ch 23.1 KOKI #1 Pilot
Star Trek Thu. 7-27-2017 7:00 PM ch 41.4 KMYTDTV4 #1 The Man Trap
The Cosby Show Tue. 8-1-2017 6:00 PM ch 2.2 KJRHDTV2 #1 Pilot
The Drew Carey Show Wed. 7-26-2017 11:30 AM ch 2.3 KJRHDTV3 #1 Pilot

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